History of the Book of First John

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The Book of First John is an epistle authored by the same John that wrote the Gospel of John. This epistle was probably written just a few years before the Book of Revelation. It is the 62nd Book in the Bible and is located in the New Testament. In this epistle you will find 5 chapters of which John was writing to believers. These believers in Ephesus (part of Asia Minor) were starting to follow the Gnostics' false teachings of denying that incarnation occurred, teaching that matter is inherently evil so a divine being, therefore could not be born into this world as a human to save sinners from eternal death.

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The Gnostics believed that Jesus was just a man like us and that He did not die on the Cross for our sins. So John, being used by the Lord, was (in love) showing them the err of their ways. He brought them back to the truth of Who Jesus Christ is and what He did for us and what we need to do as Christians. He reminds the believer that if you do the will of God you will abide forever. In this epistle John warns us today of the Antichrist that is coming in the end times and to stay away from those who try to deceive you.

May God Bless your reading and enlighten you with His wisdom and love to understand the Truth as you read this epistle of John.

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